Sunday, July 27, 2008

Adele. Only 19 and Already Incredible! A Frank Music Review

I'm in love with this chick's voice. It's incredible. A couple weeks ago I went to Music Millennium after hearing Chasing Payments on Kink radio. After listening to a mere 5 songs I was ready to buy the album without even previewing the other songs. And it was a gamble well worth it!

Adele's album 19 gives the listener the lush feeling of a well earned night off from work on a summer evening. Whereas Bjork's Vespertine conveys a feeling of a snowy winter weekend. Adele Adkins is a mere 19 years old but she has the voice of a woman who has lived long enough to really feel into her lyrics. Her voice is often smokey, deep & has plenty of range. Plus she has this little & fun soft lilting squeak to certain end notes on a couple songs that remind you she isn't all seriousness.

Many reviewers are comparing Adele to Amy Winehouse & I suppose in part it is because they went to the same music academy. And while I think both artists will only grow and improve, Adele in my humble opinion, has the chops & voice for a life long career, whereas Mrs. Winehouse may be able to scrape another album out of her haunted life, but will ultimately become a forgotten fad. Adele's 19 album is solid, just shy of a masterpiece. Every song is enjoyable and or moving. Her voice connects to the very essence of what music should do, make us feel. And the music itself, from simply her own voice & guitar to deeper rock/blues/soul melodies compliment every one of her notes. It's rare for me to enjoy every song on an album. Even my all time favorite albums I have to "put up" with a song or two. But not on 19.

I cannot wait to hear this young lady in concert. And look forward to a long lasting love of her work.

Here's one of my favorites off her album.


Sara said...

been meaning to tell you, there's something in PDX I think you'll enjoy:

Rwanda Photographs on Exhibit: Now through September 1st
World Forestry Center - Discovery Museum,
4033 SW Canyon Rd., Portland Oregon

if you go let me know how it is, i'm sad i can't make it!!!!!!!!

affrodite said...

adele is awesome. i love her song chasing pavements. the video is quite clever, too.