Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Everything's Better with Banjo!

My very creative & sweet partner made this tee shirt for me recently. Now one could argue that not everything is better with banjo but I would have to disagree. My pal Zee this weekend proposed that Beethoven may have felt otherwise about his 5th symphony being done in banjo. But when she sung the piece in a banjo sounding voice, I liked it. It kinda sounded like this...

Blong blong blon blooooonnng
blong blong blon bloooonnng

Very appealing! In fact just today I met a man who is a banjo & oboe musician who is very classically trained & even plays in the Oregon Symphony but likes playing his banjo in his band more. He especially likes to play classical pieces on his banjo and thinks Beethoven's 5th would sound great on it.

Now the real question is how would ACDC's Back in Black album fair? Watch the following video & picture in your mind it all being done in banjo.

Pretty awesome huh?

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