Friday, July 4, 2008

Freedom Ain't Always Free for POC

Here's a fun one for your American freedom. In California, members of the Black Student Union at a high school about 30 miles from Los Angeles were given phoney names by the yearbook staff. Some of the made up names included were Crisphy Nanos, Laquan White & Tay Tay Shaniqua, making fun of the BSU members, using supposed "ghetto" sounding names. Not only did the yearbook student staff make up these wildly vitriolic faux names but they created the pages as "just place holders" and meant for them to not ultimately get published. Meaning their racism was meant to be private inside jokes. However the adult staff, who in most every high school edit the final contents missed the "errors" somehow & published the insulting names.

The students of the BSU were then given stickers with their real names to cover the made up names in the yearbooks & were asked to pass the stickers on to other students.

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Oregonian37 said...

Holy smokes! I'm with one of the students' moms:

How humiliating," she said. "The school is responsible, and they ask the victim to pass out the stickers."

Recalling and reprinting should be a no-brainer here. Not only have the BSU students been insulted and demeaned by the yearbook staff, they've now been told they aren't worth the expense of correcting this. I'd also like to know what "appropriate actions" means.