Monday, August 25, 2008

Enjoy This TMI Moment! Compliments of Zestra!

So my sweetie & I were "getting it on" the other night. Okay wait. Let me back up. My sweetie & I were in Walgreen's a couple months ago. We went by the condom & lube section of the store & noticed several novelty items on sale. Being that we are a cheap & horny pair of ladies we got a few fun items. One of those items was an "arousal fluid" called Zestra. Now let me be clear that at this point in my life I have no problem with getting aroused. But we thought "hey what's even better than being turned on? Being even more turned on!"

Two months passed & we didn't even think about the packets of arousal fluid in our goody drawer. Then the other night we were making out & getting ready to have sex. While my beloved went to the bathroom I opened the bedside drawer to look at what toys I might want us to play with when I spotted the Zestra. It looked interesting so I opened up one of the little packets & rubbed a little bit of this oily fluid upon my clit. When my sweet came back in I asked if I could put some on her. Soon we both were wearing nothing but oily clits & smiles when suddenly my sweet said "you know I'm not really feeling this stuff." So she went to wash it off.

At first I thought it felt good. Kind of warm on my bits. But then I realized I didn't like the smell. It's made of two botanical oils but if you ask me it kinda smells like rancid cooking oil. And yes, that smell was there before I put it on my ol' sweet self! I had to wash the Zestra off because I just can't stand yucky smells & the sensation it gave me was not significantly better that my normal hot & heavy feeling.

My guess is this stuff is really aimed for women who have sexual or arousal issues and I'm just not one of those people (knock on wood!). I hope the folks that try it have better results than us. But lucky for us we don't really need any extra arousal. Besides we still have that vibrating cock ring!

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