Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jay Smooth on "No Homo". No what? And No Shit, the "Official" Gay Rapper!

Okay so some of you who read my former blog know that I think Jay Smooth is off the hizzy (that means I think he's kinda smart & nice & cute). Well here's his latest on the term some folks use to say "I like you, but I don't want to lick your balls." That term folks is no homo. It's a term as a queer person that has been painful to listen to & I'm happy to see that there have been a lot of guys stand up to this silliness & no use it & speak out about what true vulnerability can be. So here's Jay with a primer for those not so familiar with this term of endearment that's basically kinda pathetic.

And speaking of homos here's Jay on the "gay rapper." Is he kind of like Rip Van Winkle? Don't ask where that thought came from.


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