Friday, August 15, 2008

Keeping Portland Weird. A Very Brief Photo Documentary

That's right kids. This is some kind of aluminum person with a very large foot looking potato. Found outside of Crema in south east Portland. In fact all the images were taken in SE. I think the potato foot creator decided after a while to try & kill it with a thin red straw or something.
Yes this is a grocery cart made out of sticks! A person couldn't really use it for purchasing groceries due to it's fragile nature. As pretty as this creation is, it's not very utilitarian at all & therefore somewhat useless. Yet it is an inspiring display of creativity all the same! This lovely handmade sign can be found on SE Belmont & 36th I think. I think it really speaks for itself.

Also check out Destination DIY episode #27 for the Art in Strange Places segment. Also if you're one of the Portlanders scratching your head over the random plastic toy horses connected to boulevard loops all over town, learn more about the Horse Project here.

And on a sidenote:
Happy Birthday ZEE!


Julie said...

Thanks for linking to Destination DIY! I'm glad my work is considered to be among the things that keep Portland weird. Thanks for listening.
--Julie Sabatier

Sara said...

great photos!!