Friday, August 22, 2008

Various Blatherings for 8/22/08

There are a number of things to report on & I could do separate posts for each item but I'm too lazy for that. Without further ado, my various blatherings!

  • Last week a 3 judge panel of the 9th circuit court of appeals voted unanimously to uphold Oregon's domestic partnership law. This means that my partner & I along with the thousands of Oregonians in legal domestic partnerships can remain so. A major shout out to Basic Rights of Oregon for doing the not-so-fun work of keeping up the good fight. Also this week the Coquille Tribe on the Oregon coast is the first in history to extend marriage to all couples! Read a lovely story about it right here.

  • In the shameless self promotion file, little ol' me is a featured author this month on the blog The Lesbian Lifestyle. Read more on me right here if you would like to know just how fascinating I really am. Also I did a little opinion piece on Bella's Ball & what I think of Stephanie Meyer's gawd awful Breaking Dawn book on's blog. No major controversy yet, but a girl can dream can't she?

  • Have you ever wondered why the hell white kids get get more coverage when they go missing that children of color? I have. I've never taken any action on that end other than complaining about it. Recently though Racialicious correspondent Black Canseco wrote a piece titled "Why We Want Our Kids Back Too." The post is beautifully highlights the lack of concern on the part of the authorities & the media when it comes to children of color who are missing. Please check out the post and also check out the websites that work to help find missing kids of color. Missing Minorities. Black and Missing.

  • And last but not least a video!

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