Monday, August 18, 2008

Why I Love that Link #1

When you're running around reading blogs (okay running is the wrong term I suppose) do you ever wonder why the hell someone has linked to another blog. Like what specifically was is that drew them to the blog & why they felt so drawn they thusly linked to their own. Well folks I'm about starting a new segment on Frank called "Why I love that Link." The point is A. to help you (the reader) get to know me better and B. let me (the blogger) have an easy way to come up with a topic when I don't have much to say & am afraid none of you will read my blog anymore if I don't post something because my self esteem is dependant on being liked & my this blog is being read. Or not. So here we go! And because I'm lazy today I'll start in alphabetical order.
  1. Now I'm not a parent of human children. I mean I have 2 little dogs & a big ol' cat, but that does not count on census records. Anyway I love the blog Anti-Racist Parent because it's an opportunity for parents to connect their ideas about race & racism to actual actions they can take to raise allies. Parents can ask questions, check out kids book reviews & I love the gratuitous cute kids pics. And I don't think one has to be a parent to appreciate what kids are learning about & thinking about in terms of race issues. This blog confirms that all children must learn about race & racism to be effective allies in the future.
  2. The APIA Blog Network has the coolest pic in its header. Just go check it! Anyway I'm not Asian so why the hell would I read it you wonder. Well first off it's a network of many great bloggers that I already read anyway, so APIA Blogs is really convenient that way. Plus the various bloggers have such a serious variety of opinions that I always learn something interesting & new. Plus I want to learn more about Asian American experiences & this network provides that.
  3. Aunt Jemima's Revenge I don't visit everyday I admit. The author who calls herself professor Tracy has some posts that are really on point. There is just a lot going on at her blog & my eyes jump around so much that I get distracted sometimes. Anyway the name of her blog alone makes it worth reading & she always keeps up with thought provoking news items related to black folks. Plus her blog is bright blue! What more can a person ask for?

Well that's it for now. Peace!


the fruitfemme said...

Hey there--love the new place!

Fransky said...

hey fruity I was going to tell ya to update yer links, but you know how it is. Hope the hormones are not too overwhelming!!!!