Monday, September 1, 2008

Blood, Sweat and Ink. Day One at Free Geek

Free Geek is even more awesome than I thought! I spent 4 hours doing something that my mother said was "perfect" for a gal like moi. What was it I did? I destroyed printers for computers. I cannot even begin to explain how much I reveled in such an activity. I'm shitting you not. It was awesome! The point of printer dis assembly is to recycle all plastic & metals. It's a noble cause for sure but for me I could have given a rip about mama earth because ripping apart these devices was so fun. In fact when I discovered we had to finish dis assembly & clean up by 3pm I was sad. I knew I could have done it for another 4 hours easy. Want more proof of my enjoyment?

See that photo at the top of the page. Well what happened was I was prying apart some plastic thing with a flat head screw driver & somehow it slipped & went right into my fingernail. All of a sudden I saw my own blood dripping from my hand and felt a dull throbbing pain. Luckily our fearless printer dis assembly leader lead me to a sink & first aid supplies where the wound was cleaned & bandaged. He told me my blood made me an official Free Geek community member and I really did feel proud. Despite the throbbing & leakage into the band aid I kept on tearing apart printers for another 3 hours. I couldn't help it!

I found out something else really cool about volunteering at Free Geek. After 21 hours of service, the last 3 hours of volunteering are actually a class where participants learn to use Linux. How cool is that?! Part of the reason I was interested in this whole process is because Free Geek kind of pimps Linux/Ubuntu, which is an open source operating system, but a class where I get to really learn Linux and not try to just "wing it" is such a comfort. And last but not least, and really I shouldn't even mention the following because it's so cool but, when a person volunteers for 24 hours, they get a 50% discount in the thrift store. That means everything in the store including laptops! So my search for a laptop is almost over. I know the right one will be waiting for me at half price at Free Geek. Mama's coming!

Life is good today & I'm so very grateful for programs like Free Geek! As cheesy as this may sound, to me Free Geek is a part of the real American dream. Peace!

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