Monday, September 15, 2008

Doing Something about "Election Tension"

I've been talking to many folks lately who are experiencing what we now know to be "election tension." Where stress & worry seem to be the overriding emotions in everyday actions like driving, walking and having sex. I myself had a random election tantrum last week & had to look at ways to deal with my own election tension. Without further ado, here are some of the actions I've taken to help relieve election tension.

  1. Listen to great music, especially Mary J. Blige, ODB, Schoolly D and Patsy Cline & of course Jimmie Cliff.
  2. I started a humor political blog about Sarah Palin with my partner. This way I can channel my frustrations, make myself & others laugh and at the same time learn how to expose facts about someone without disparaging them. Practice is the key word here.
  3. Masturbate
  4. Make sure I take my vitamins & eat plenty of greens everyday
  5. Take time to not talk about the election with friends & family. To actually have boundaries & say "okay, we've been talking about Karl Rove saying McCain is not so truthful for 20 minutes now. Let's change the subject shall we?"
  6. Visiting Cute Overload
  7. Making out with my partner
  8. Not drinking extra coffee
  9. Volunteering for Obama (more on that later)
  10. Did I mention masturbation?

Anyway I hope my actions help you all come up with your own election tension relievers. Until then enjoy this amazing clip of some amazing DJ skills by DJ Babu in 2002. Courtesy of Jay Smooth at Ill Doctrine.

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brandy said...

ahhh, masturbation is KEY. KEY!!!!oh and don't forget to get a massage. you can come by and see me anytime you know. 'tis what i do now in this crazy world.