Monday, September 8, 2008

Two Very Different Pics

Okay first off I just want to say those of you who read this blog but never comment, please comment. I love comments with a capital C & having feedback whether you like or hate what I write, helps me keeps this thing going. I don't want to have a blog no one gives a shit about, so c'mon y'all... tell me what is on yer minds! Now on the the pics!

Umm what does one even say about this pic. Perhaps someone can comment on it with some pithy words because it leaves me rather speechless.
My sweetie took this pic yesterday. The dog in the front is Sydney & the dog in the back is Lucifer. That is her real name. Feel free to comment on how cute they are.



Zee said...

OMG, Lucy looks adorable in this pic!! Sydney looks pretty darned cute too, but I think it's especially good of Luce. :) Rennie is jealous.

Oh, and don't quit writing your blog. I give a damn about it!

(Oh, and re: McCain and Palin? I pray this every night: Please God, MAKE THEM GO AWAY!)

Fransky said...

Thank you Zee! Your support has & continues to inspire & keep me groping... I mean going!

Sara said...

Sydney & Lucifer are just the cutest ever (as is rennie of course, don't want zee to get upset with me) and as for the top photo, I'm with zee, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE God make them disappear!!!!!

I totally agree with you about loving comments, I almost wish whenever someone stopped by my blog they were required to leave a comment, good, bad, indifferent, just anything!!

hope you're having a great week girl!

breathingmoss said...

delurking to give you some comment love.

i was going to say that the two pics have something in common in that they both show at least one bitch, but then i thought that was pretty low of me, and i'm better than that, right?

apparently not.

Fransky said...

That was funny! And yeah I try to be better than those kind of thoughts. I don't know what's better, to let them out or turn them into something loving. Thanks for reminding me were all a work in progress!

brandy said...

the first picture. speechless. i mean, wow, you can just take jabs at that one for miles. it so speaks volumes about this election. suck it palin.

the second picture is just cute as hell. those dogs are super adorable. Piper would love them. she wants a "chwawa" so bad.