Monday, October 20, 2008

California (Equality) Dreamin'

Cross post for TLL & Frank in support of 8AGAINST8

I live in Oregon. It's right above California. Generally Oregonians hate Californians. Why? Well, the feeling here is that these rich-ass wacka doo California natives come here & buy up all the affordable properties and pollute our air with their fruity extra fluffy foam latte attitudes. Not everyone feels this way all the time, but even from the sweetest of Oregonians you'll once in a while hear someone whisper under their breath "damn Californians!" Indeed even I have uttered these terrible words, despite my insistence that people are people, upon occasion a nutty California transplant will annoy the heck out of me. But here's a secret...

I was born in California! Mountain View, California to be more exact. Growing up in the mid-west I was actually quite proud of being from California. The Beach Boys song California Girls was my jam & I felt an unearned pride at being birthed upon golden California land. In fact when my family & I moved to the Midwest when I was 4 years old I was angry & didn't want to leave the Sun, the free spirited people & of course the restaurant that to this day made the best Shirley Temples ever!

Moving to Oregon 11 years ago I learned that folks from here do not like folks from there. Unlike Midwesterners who may not like the idea of Californians, they'll at least be friendly. Here I've seen people show down right contempt to these hapless transplants. And at first I didn't understand the anger & resentment... until I met one too many folks from Cali who indeed did seem to drive up the housing prices where ever they went. But we can't be mad, because all of us have to go where we can get the best deal. But by golly we can still complain when others do the same thing we would. Ha!

Anyway lately I have heard nothing but support, yes, support for the citizens of the great state of California. Because right now California has something we Oregonians don't: Marriage Equality. And we know if Proposition 8 wins, Oregonians as well as all other's in this beautiful wacka doodle country will lose. We will lose because inequality will cast it's shadow upon the golden state and once again regular tax-paying California Americans will be forced to again be 2nd class citizens. And if that happens, that means the rest of the states that currently have inequality holding together it's marriage laws will have a much harder time achieving California's same equality. And even states that currently have marriage equality suffer, because until equal marriage is acknowledged federally, same sex couples are not able to achieve equal spousal benefits and tax compensation.

My spouse and I are legally domesticated domestic partners. We are able, within the state, to make medical decisions for each other, have the right to our partner's stuff if they die, file joint state taxes and a bunch of other stuff. However if we go beyond the states borders we have none of those protections, which needless to say makes traveling out of state an instant risk to our health & well being, for fear anything should happen across state lines. Not to mention that domestic partnership is not even separate but equal. It's simply a sub-par version of full marriage rights. From joint federal taxes to paying extra for name changes, our union is not on the same level legally as our fellow married friends.

Sometimes I wonder why the hell should my spouse & I be forced to have actual small & large threats to our over all well being, when two opposite sex strangers could marry at the drop of a hat and not have to even think twice before traveling, filing taxes, planning for retirement or planning a family.

Oregonians and those who believe in basic human equality, I encourage you to give just a little bit if you can, to Equality California. Even $5 will be putting your money where your heart is. And if you can't donate, please talk to family, friends, rich neighbors from California (tee hee) and anyone else about how we need Proposition 8 to lose so that all Americans can live with freedom.

To get the party started for 8AGAINST8 please read a wonderful post at the Sugarbutch Chronicles about Phyllis Martin & Del Lyon. Oh & here is a really cute picture of my beloved & I.



Butch Boo said...

Lovely pic- cute couple!



bridgeout said...

As a domestically partnered Oregonian I saw a resounding "amen" to your post!! Thank you for articulating all of this so very well!!


Grumpy Granny said...

I love that pic!! You are an adorable couple!


Fran Sky said...

Thanks for all the nice feedback everyone!