Sunday, October 26, 2008

First Things First. Frank's Sunday Service for 10/26/08

As mentioned in a previous post, I've been working on some serious healing as of late. In addition to finding a counselor, support group & various resources within the city, I also purchased a book that looked the most helpful of all the books on the subject. It's called The Rape Recovery Handbook & is by Aphrodite Matsakis. Thus far I think it's wonderful! And the book has so far been a huge reminder in the concept of first things first.

The reason for this is because the initial suggested exercises in the book don't call for the reader to dive right into their trauma. Instead the suggestions are to at first make sure your basic needs are being met by your own self. As in, are you currently being abused, then don't start working on past issues until current one's are no longer happening. Some real eye openers for me included making sure the smoke alarms in the house work, having all financial documents copied & in safe places, seeing medical professionals for any & all medical concerns and so fourth. Really basic stuff that may, for some of us, may be ignored.

What got me really thinking is that it's easy to sit around talking about God or Great Spirit and forget to make sure the locks on our doors & windows are very secure. It's easy to meditate & pray, but have we eaten & taken our vitamins before we leave the house for the day? I mean how can I say I'm spiritual while not taking care of the most basic of my earthly needs foremost. All the spiritual exercises & prostrations in the world won't make much of a difference if I am not keeping my body well, my home safe & my personal/financial matters in order.

Taking care of the basics is spiritual! When we take our own basic welfare into account first, then connecting to spirit comes naturally. First I feed my body, then I feed my spirit. And in a way I would say, when I feed my body, I am better able to feed my spirit. Or even, when I feed my body nutritious foods, I fulfill the destiny of my spirit. Hmmm...makes sense!

So today I'm working on healing my life, heart & mind by taking measures to take care of my basic security. And all ready my spirit feels more focused and life feels even more sweet!


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