Saturday, November 15, 2008

Apparently Dental Dams are Actually Used at the Dentist!

I just couldn't resist sharing this pic with y'all. It's been years since I've had a cavity & because it had been so long my old filling was leaking & it was time to re-fill it. Back in the day the dentists would grind & drill at your teeth & little chunks would find their way into your mouth. Now that we have better technology, dentists utilize dental dams for oral surgeries. I must admit it was a surprise seeing a dental dam used for something other than STD prevention during sexual activity. But hey, isn't this what life is all about: the element of surprise.
Oh and BTW on a completly different note-
I just bought my holiday winter dress for only $8.49!!!! Yay! Gawd I love Ross.


Sara said...

WOW, that photo is great! They def don't use those in the UK as everyone has BAD teeth - I think it's almost a contest to see how bad you can let your teeth go before they fall out - makes me gag a lot!!!

lilly martin said...

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