Friday, November 7, 2008


Obama's white house victory means more than I can even begin to articulate on varied levels. However his win coincided with a great loss for the LGBTQ community. California's Proposition 8 passed. The margin was close, but the constitutional amendment to deny rights to certain citizens was voted in. The only feeling to have as a queer woman of color post-election is one of bitter sweetness.

As Barack Obama said in his acceptance speech Tuesday night, now is our chance to make change. This is not a time to say "oh a black dude made it, so fuck it." No, now we must work harder than ever to change the damage inequality does to everyday tax paying citizens of the United States. The first thing I'm working on is drafting letters (not an email, but an actual letter) to Obama, Merkely and others too tell them what marriage equality means to me.

Next is brainstorming with others in communities about the most effective ways we can create real freedom & equality for all. This means more than just raising funds to mass email others. We must believe in our future equality & take more radical working class approaches so that all of us feel we can participate in this fight. Folks we will get there. I know it in my heart. So if you have any ideas, please comment here or get them out at our own blog, website or whatever press you can. Let's do more than fund raise but fight & I truly believe we shall overcome.


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