Monday, November 3, 2008

Do I Even Have to Tell You to Vote?

Do I honestly think Barack Obama will change politics as usual? No. Issue after issue he has stood on the side of big politics & appeasement of the juicy center of "American" values. He does not favor marriage equality, will most likely send us into war with Iran, has poor immigration policies and would not have his campaign publicly financed.

Obama is no super hero, no holy man, no savior and does not stand for all Americans to be equal 100%. Is he the change we need? Hell yes!

Since the primaries my view on a potential Obama presidency has, well, been one of the now politically cliched, hope. Not that in his presidency alone, the change we truly need will come. Mark my words, it won't. But his presidency will be the seed, the beginning, that this country desperately needs. Without him, hope could be lost and we may see even worse for the United States, than what we have already experienced in the last month.

Barack Obama, just by being elected president, will improve foreign relations, boost public morale and set a precedent for all presidents to follow. That skating by on county jokes, gun-toting and a daddies legacy will no longer be enough to lead a country such as ours. That true grit, endurance & intelligence will be not just needed but absolutely required in our leaders.

Our country is imperfect. The U.S. has a terrible legacy built on fantasy & violence (can you say man-i-fest des-tiny?). Our electoral college does not give us fair elections & our constitution is ignored and abused by those in government who are meant it represent it & the people. Indeed we are a flawed nation. And so of course we have flawed candidates right now. Our America is ill & needs a boost of fresh reality, a helping of tangible effort and most important, a spoonful of faith. That is how we will get to the promised land.

Mr. Obama is going to be more than a president, but a symbol. And yes we need an effective president, but the whole world needs a new American symbol. That here if you work hard, are brave, smart, look ahead and for once not look like just another white dude, you can be president.

My future children need to know that their skin color need not affect their career potential & life potential. My family needs to see that change, though scary, can be better than the if-it-ain't-broke philosophy. My country needs to belong to the rest of the globe again & have the humility to know we are not the best or the worst, but we are citizens of the US & the world & we owe it to ourselves & each other to try & be better, happier and more loving. With Obama as president the America we can be will finally start. We won't get there overnight, but if we elect Barack Obama, we will at last make our beginning.

Yes! Yes we can!

Go fucking vote! For my children's children, vote Obama.

Thank you.

(Barack Obama) Change the World from Change the World on Vimeo.


Sara said...

yeah he won :)

girlrobot said...

I thought he favors marriage equality but does not believe in gay marriage himself. there's a difference, right? he spoke out against prop 8 (dunno if you live in ca but it was the ban on gay marriage one). too bad it still passed though :(

Fran Sky said...

You may be right that he feels one way personally & another politically. I'll check into it more. Thanks!!!