Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Inner Child Can Start to Heal the Racial Wound

When I was a little girl living in Minnesota, my mother gave me a book about Amy Carter, who was then, the daughter of former president, Jimmy Carter. I remember thinking she was really cool & that it must be amazing for a little girl like her to live in the white house & just by living there, be an inspiration for other children in America.

I remember looking through the pages & thinking about her life. Carefully viewing her big brown freckles against the backdrop of her pale skin, a realization came to me. That a little girl like me, a brown faced child, would never be able to be in Miss Carter's shoes. To be a child of color & live in the white house seemed an impossibility and the understanding of that concept was disappointing, even then, but I had to accept it just was the way it was.

Last night that disappointed little girl inside be found joy. Malia & Sasha have an amazing experience ahead of them. But what excites me most is knowing that from here on, our our daughters & son's of the United States need never look to the children of the white house & believe they don't belong there because of the color of their faces.

I walked out the door this morning, in this brown body and for the first time felt completely equal to everyone else. Let the healing begin!