Monday, November 10, 2008

The Next Level

Ever have one of those moments in life where you just know, it's time to end something or start something or end something so you can start something? One of those, taking your awareness to the next level moments, where we change some aspect of our lives in habit and forge new ground? Well that's where I'm at today. And I'm grateful for it. Even though, for me, going to this next level usually starts with pain.

Many Years ago I lived in a place called an Oxford House. It wasn't a half way house, but a safer place to live while being new to sobriety. Living in a house full of newly recovering addicts can be amazing at times, trying at others. After about 9 months I began to notice myself getting pissed off at chores not getting done by some folks, rules not being followed. The regular shit. But what really got me was when it was proposed to have cable TV and that we pay for it. I did not want cable & especially didn't feel a need to pay for something I really didn't plan to utilize.

The cable was voted in & I was so angry I needed to take a walk to calm down. As I approached a large rose garden it occurred to me that perhaps it was time to leave the home. That I was ready to live alone & remain sober. The decision to move took a few more days because I didn't want to feel like I was leaving because I didn't get my way but because the -powers that be- had showed me it was time. And indeed it was. After I moved out, 3 months later the place was robbed by a residents boyfriend.

Lately I have been presented with another opportunity to practice going to the next level. It appears it is time to change my online habits and stop going to certain websites & blogs for now and perhaps forever. I realized that, I take care in my life to stay away from toxic people, foods, places & even house cleaners. So why subject myself to some of the balls out negativity I see on some websites & blogs? In the end I just get upset after viewing painful words & I don't need that drama in my life. Maybe if I were a stronger person, the cruelty to thoughtless words wouldn't matter & I could just ignore them. But since I can make a choice in this matter, I chose sanity & serenity. So my Internet habits will get a fine tuning. And in truth, I'm really excited find positive, affirming & inspiring websites that nurture personal development & joy.

Frank readers you may soon see some links taken off the sidebar. I've already removed a couple & will keep assessing if I want to be virtually connected to the other ones currently listed. In the mean time I'd like to pass on a few sites I think are very uplifting & ask that if any of you have suggestions, to please send them my way.

Thank you sisters & brothers!

Bill Moyers Journal

This I Believe


Grumpy Granny said...

You have hit on something very important. I am learning and re-learning that we really do create our world, and part of that is "buying into" negativity, panic, and scarcity thinking. We quit taking the paper, and have pretty much quit watching the news on TV. I try to go for inspiring subjects, etc. While sometimes it seems like I might be running way, I have to tell myself that is a reaction to a lifetime of conditioning to buy into that negative agreement. I am not running away, I am running TO--something better, richer and more abundant. As Mother Teresa said, she would not protest AGAINST war, but she would march FOR peace. There is a difference.

Kudos to you!!


Grumpy Granny said...

Oh! And one more thing:

I find their message incredibly powerful, uplifting, and comforting...


Fran Sky said...

Thanks for the feedback GG! I love the Mother Teresa quote & agree that it can be quite a journey towards a more loving way of living. Thank goodness we get to "practice" & not be perfect!