Friday, November 28, 2008

Random Update

For some reason I have these blogging highs & lows. I'll have tons to write at times & then other moments it's like pulling teeth to put a post together. Today I don't have much to say but I really want to mention a few wonderful links.

First is a link to a website near & dear to me for a number of reasons. It's called A Quality Life (AQL!). It's a web magazine for those with chemical sensitivity & their supporters. It's also my mom's new business & she is great & has worked on making the world a little better for those with chemical sensitivity for years. I know this is shameless promotion, but I think her articles & information will be really helpful to not just those affected by CS but also anyone looking to live a toxin-free lifestyle. So check it out!
There is even an article by moi, so check it!!!laughing smiley

Apparently in this time of a crappy economy the industries have been booming: guns, books & cosmetics. Now I can in a way understand all three areas. Gun folks want because they're afraid of others taking their money (not that I'm morally okay with that, but I'm just saying, I see the flawed logic). Books help people escape or learn more on how to deal with various tough times. For me personally, cosmetics has been what I've taken a greater interest in. Since I already work in the book industry & am pro peace I guess make up was the only choice (ha ha).

Anyway I've discovered Paula Begoun's books including Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me & The Beauty Bible. Since getting those two books I've been reading them voraciously trying to find the best products for everything from the best face wash to the most toxin free mascara. It turns out she has a website & even her own line of beauty products. It's & there I found a report on the best inexpensive body & face products along with guidelines for different skin types, the best & worst products & more tips than you can imagine. Another cosmetics site I enjoy is Makeup Alley, where it's sort of a myspace for beauty care lovers. What's really great are the peer reviews, submitted photos & the ability to swap products. Fun!

Well that's it for now. I hope you all had a great turkey day & I would ask you all to please refrain from running over people in the name of commerce. Peace!


Zee said...

I enjoyed your pice on living in a fragrance-free home as I can totally relate!!

I've had to ask everyone I've ever dated to stop wearing cologne, and I avoid lighting scented candles and incense as well. I even had to ask a co-worker to change her hair products once b/c I was so miserable with the smell whenever she came into the office!!

It is hard to bring up, but I think people in general don't want to make others miserable and they just don't realize what their scents are doing...

Anyway, great post!

Sara said...

that's horrible about the employee being run over - WTF is going on in our society??

Off to visit your mum's website, speak soon my dear, xxoo