Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bad Blogger

I'm a bad blogger. Well not bad as in my blog sucks or anything. I've just been rater delinquent on posting anything here lately. I was terribly sick with a sinus cold last week, but also I just haven't been "feelin' it" as my spouse & I like to say.

I have started a new blog & I've been mentally obsessing over it & it's potential. So that's may be part of the reason there's been a void. I think my focus in life is changing and with it my blogging. For years my life focus has been activism & addiction recovery. Recovery is still #1 and always will be even if I don't discuss it in my blog(s). However I feel a need to chill a bit on finding what's wrong in the world & trying to fix it. And it's not because the U.S. now has a Black president so everything is okay. It's not! There is now more of a calling to my spirit to be an appreciator. To find what's good & beautiful in the world & relay those observations to those I can.

So for now if you wonderful Frank readers don't see regular posts, fear not, I'll post here again at some point or just check on my new blog if you miss my "energy."


Freely Beautiful


Sara said...

neat new blog - will keep checking in :) thanks so much girlfriend, xx

Fran Sky said...

Thanks Sara! You're ongoing support I treasure.