Saturday, December 13, 2008

Be Not Concerned

Some of you know where I'm employed & are concerned about the state of affairs there. Though I can't for obvious reasons go into any details, be rest assured my job is safe & secure at this point.

Despite news reports, very few folks are leaving. It's always hard when anyone leaves & I pray for the few who are. I'm also very thankful for the fact that I work in a business that though suffers loss in down times, is generally stable.

It's tough out there. If anyone is still in denial that we are in a recession, they are crazy! Good people all over this country & the world are wondering how to make ends meet for the holidays & beyond. Like most others I'm cutting back on holiday spending too & am literally watching pennies.

Life is full of up's & downs. There is no way to avoid that. So let's remain thankful for roof's, clean clothes, friends & the ability to keep on keeping on. We will get through this!

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