Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Adele & James Morrison Show at the Wonder Ballroom

Sorry my camera phone is so crappy. I was surrounded by folks with iPhones & other awesome gadgets that took the lovely pictures I couldn't. So whatever. Anyway I had such a great time at last nights show. It was my first time at the Wonder Ballroom & the reviews I read about the place were pretty right on. Surly staff but great venue.

The show itself was even better than expected. Adele's opening act James Morrison was just beautiful to listen to. He reminded my spouse & I of Stevie Wonder, which is a hella big compliment. We plan to get his album on pay day. One nice thing about the space at the Wonder was that we were able to be near the stage but sit on the floor against a wall & just hold each other & listen. It was a really sweet moment!

Adele just plum rocked it! She makes her singing look so effortless. Her voice is so strong, triumphant even, despite being able to tell she is still off the heels of her teen years. At only 20 Adele has accomplished what many performers take years to craft, humor, ease, vulnerability & confidence.

Though my birthday was in December, the show was a b-day present from my beloved. What a truly wonderful gift!

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