Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby Talk

Okay so my tirade is over & I'm ready to stop acting like a baby about having babies. Thanks to those you you who commented & sent me emails on my last post (rant). I guess I just got overwhelmed for a moment wondering if I was missing out on something.

The truth is that yes, someday I'd like to be a mom. Do I actually care about birthing a baby? No. It really doesn't matter in the slightest. I don't have a physical or emotional attachment to getting pregnant or carrying a child to term. Adoption really seems like a far more exciting option. Not because I believe in that whole overpopulation idea. I don't. If folks on this planet utilized resources properly, there would be no issue getting the basics to all people. The reason adoption feels better to me is because so many children need homes & loving families. For me giving adoption a try is a true labor of love, because it means giving up that whole bloodline attachment & embracing a situation with potentially more complications. It's also more likely to be easier for me to do as my spouse isn't able to reproduce with me & I have medical issues that make getting pregnant much more difficult.

For those of you who have had babies or are currently pregnant, I am happy for you! Being a parent is the most important job on the planet & anyone who makes the commitment to parent their own children are truly amazing. I guess I just felt a little jealous and wished to be ready to parent. The truth is I'm not. There are things I still want to deal with before children enter the picture such as financial stability and having health concerns resolved. A few more years & my partner & I will most likely be ready for all the joy & weirdness that comes with parenthood. But today is not the day.

Just for today I'm happy to be an aunt, a godmother, a friend, a pet owner & though not a mom yet, well on my way to being the woman I am meant to be, the woman I want my children to know & love. I believe in that destiny & will continue to work towards it. Peace y'all!

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