Monday, January 12, 2009

Why the Heck...

is everyone pregnant lately. Good gawd I'm getting a bit tired of it. Where's my baby. I want one. Gosh darn if I hear one more "I'm pregnant" I'm seriously going to freak out!

In one month:
  • A friend has had a baby
  • 3 co-workers came out pregnant
  • One of my longest best friends is preggers
  • A family member guilted me about not providing grandchildren for them
  • A friend of one of my other best friends is pregnant


I hate being 34!


The Crater Lake Hermit said...

It is the economy!

sheena said...

i'm NOT pregnant!
does that help any?

all of my friends are getting banged up. one childhood friend just had a baby. my brother & his partner just had a baby. my best friend's brother & his wife are expecting. another teacher at my school is out on maternity leave. i suspect that the substitute is ALSO preggs. and so on, forever.

your blog is a great thing alternative to pro-creation.