Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Few Trip Pics

None of the following actually show North Carolina or the folks I visited there. Instead are some things that stood out in addition to the main reason for my trip (hanging with Ms. H). Please enjoy!I purposly planned my layovers at the Minneapolis airport so I could see my mom for a few minutes. Please note my phone takes less-than-awesome pictures, but you get the idea. Anyway it was really nice to see her for 45 minutes.

Here is one of my friends dogs. Her name is Cagney and she is very lovey & likes her bones & likes to sit on your lap even though she is very much not a puppy.This is Hogan. He is a big ass dog & sweet as pie. He likes to come over to where you are & flod down heavily onto his back so you can scratch his belly. That was the primary focus of our bonding. Now I live in what would be considered the coffee capitol of The U S of A. That being said I love Caribou Coffee. Since we don't have Caribou on the West Coast I had to have a nice fat filled white chocolate mocha on my way back from NC. And yes it was as good as it looks!My spouse & I love nothing more than finding faux Native American crap that white folks peddle. In the Minneapolis airport there was such a store of this type call Spirit of the Red Horse. I mean what can I even add to this photo?

Well more later! Peace!

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