Friday, February 6, 2009

My Cyst and Hairless Armpit

Yes folks this is a pic of my right armpit. Savor this image because it is a very rare thing to see my pit hairless. I frigging hate shaving my pits! I mean I trim them for sure but I don't like naked armpits on my own body or on the ladies I date. Don't ask why! Moving on from this TMI moment let me explain the cyst part of all this.

Last month I noticed a lump in my right armpit while taking a shower. This is somewhat common as during my menses my lymph nodes in my pits sometimes are swollen. I made a mental note & didn't think about the lump until two weeks later when the lump was still there, even bigger, and I had not bled in over a week or so.

Since I had a gynaecological exam the next week I decided to have my "lady doctor" check it upon my visit. She wasn't quite sure what the deal was & referred me to a surgeon in the same medical building with whom I made an appointment with for a week later.

This Tuesday my surgeon determined I had a benign cyst that needed to be removed sooner than later due to the possibility of infection & promptly removed it. The procedure only took a half on an hour. However after the minor surgery was done I was told not to use my arm for the next three days. In addition I am not to raise my arm above shoulder level for two weeks or take a bath or swim for six weeks.

On valentines I leave for a fairly brief holiday in North Carolina and hope my armpit is well enough to carry my own luggage. Had I known about the after effects of the procedure, I would have waited until I was back from my trip. Ah well. As a friend says "it is what it is."

The first night was pretty painful as armpits are filled with nerves & rather sensitive. The pain went all the way into my hand. I try not to be a sissy but that shit hurt so I allowed myself to take the vicodin my surgeon gave me, but made sure to check in with my sobriety network about it. My partner took charge of meds disposal & so I was safe there. Since then I've needed to take Aleve every eight hours and being that I work with books, my job is a bit compromised right now. But luckily I work with an amazing team of people and we pride ourselves on helping each other out.

Anyway I'm grateful the cyst was no big deal & am grateful to have learned the lesson that it is always better to deal with a medical matter sooner than later. And soon I can get my hairy armpit back & will feel again like the hairy goddess I am!

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