Friday, March 13, 2009

1st Anniversary

Today is my spouses & my 1st anniversary of our domestic partnership. It's been a full year and we have learned much about marriage, unequal rights, compromise and truly being in love.

We have dealt with a few challenges this year and have gotten through it united & even closer. This does not mean we have not have an argument or two, pissed each other off or have needed moments of "me time." All couples do go though "stuff" & Chris Rock really nails some of the unsaid aspects to romance couples go through.

CSI aside I think what I really take away with me on our anniversary is how healing it is to have a solid, supportive lover in my life. Without my beloved this year would have been very different. She held my up at moments & hopefully I did the same for her. She showed me love when I felt broken and yet let me heal myself. That is some powerful stuff!

Only my mom & my partners ex remembered our anniversary. That's okay because we still have a spiritual ceremony coming up & perhaps that will be honored by our loved ones. It's hard that our partnership is not taken as seriously because we are not allowed marriage like our opposite sex peers. It won't break us though. It just makes our connection that much more intimate. We get to retain what Dan Savage calls our quiet dignity. But I want to personally thank my mom for sending a sweet card & honoring the seriousness of our commitment. Thanks!

Well here's a couple pics from this year. I love my girl. She loves me. I look forward to another year living & loving together!


Grumpy Granny said...

Congratulations!! I'm so glad you have each other. Finding true love in these times is such a rare and powerful thing. That's what we have to concentrate on and the rest will come. I truly believe that.

Here's to you both!


Sara said...

Congrats Fran!! It's so awesome that you found "the one" :) here's to many more years to come together!!!

Micah Perry said...

This is great. I'm happy for both of you- truly.

If my partner and I could get married I could get on some much needed insurance. We have the domestic partnership forms filled out and ready to go for about six months and Mo keeps saying lets do it... but I feel like I'd be giving in, throwing in the towel and letting them win. Okay Fran now that I've written that I see what a blunder it is- I would still have plenty to fight for. Yay we're going to do the DPartnership!
Thank you and many happy fun filled super rad years to you and Mycal