Monday, March 9, 2009

Crazy for "Reality" Television

I'm not sure how it happened. One day I'm a gal whose primary form of entertainment was reading and the next I'm checking my local newspaper to see when the next episode of For the Love of Ray J (and until the show I didn't know who the heck this Ray J person was either) will air. Because I know y'all really care here is a list of "reality" shows I'm digging on these days.

Donald Trump is a man I kinda love to hate. I've been a fan of his Apprentice themed shows from the beginning, so it is no surprise that I'm hooked on the current Celebrity Apprentice. With stars like Dennis Rodman, Tom Green, T-boz of TLC and Joan Rivers how can one not watch this train wreck? Seeing The Donald tell smarmy Andrew Dice Clay "you're fired" was pure television gold! And the best part is one does not even have to have cable to watch this crap!

Now cable may be the way to go if you love shows that combine timed challenges, food & bitchy critics. Chopped is a show on the Food Network and the best word to describe this show would be intense. Here 4 chefs compete for $10,000 and the challenge is to create dishes in 30 minutes with a basket of random ingredients. A chef is eliminated after each course until two are left to duel it out over a hot stove making some kind of awkward dessert. I seriously am on the edge of my seat nearly hyperventilating whilst watching this program. Highly recommended!

For the Love of Ray J is a big stinky pile of poop & I love it! Okay love is too strong but I enjoy it because it's just pure crap that makes you feel better than the folks you're watching & that is not a good reason to watch a show but really don't we all do that from time to time? I happened across this program while I was sick and that would sum this show up. A big ol' group of horny chicks vie for the heart or sausage of R&B singer Ray J who actually is most known for banging Paris Hilton's big booty-ed friend Kim Kardasian in a sex tape. I know, who cares. But there are some pretty ladies to see, some silly cat fights & one spoiled dude who needs to pull his pants up.

Speaking of hot ladies & cat fights the latest reality show to get your motor running is Candy Girls on E! Now I have not seen the show yet but what I know is that the cast of women are hot hot hot. The ladies depicted in the show are the sexy chicks who appear in music video's and in particular hip hop videos. It looks fun & fabulous, so we'll see if I get hooked or not.

Well enough about my garbage TV habits. Hope you all are doing well!

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