Friday, March 6, 2009

Do Not Fear Marriage Equality

"A guarantee of equality that is subject to exceptions by the majority is no guarantee at all."
-Therese Stewart

Most of you won't remember the America that used to be steeped in such prejudice that people of color & whites couldn't each other. 1967 is when laws in the United States finally changed "allowing" interracial marriages. People used the bible among other arguments to justify why some folks were not qualified to marry other folks. Here's more history of miscegenation laws.

What finally changed the racist laws of yore was a vote by the supreme court. What was asked for back in '67 (only 7 years before my interracial parents had me) is being asked for again 42 years later. A great piece by Peggy Pascoe compares current marriage inequality laws to mixed marriage laws. What we all have to ask ourselves is why are we now okay with interracial marriage & not same sex marriage. If the bible was not considered a valid reason to stop citizens from full equality then why should it be used now? Regardless of the validity (or not) of biblical arguments or anything else, what the heck is the main point, purpose & threat to North Americans if all citizens are able to marry?

Will equal marriage make the economy any worse? No. Will equal marriage contribute to the housing crisis? No. Will equal marriage actually do anything to anyone else's family? Again no. Interracial marriage didn't seem to create any chaos among the general population. Did it save mixed race couples from having to deal with prejudice, divorce or in-laws? No. But we all have to deal with that stuff. Thus making interracial couples just like everyone else, completely & thoroughly human.

So let me take this moment to address you Mr. or Ms. or Mrs, anti-gay marriage proponent. Let's stop being so damn afraid. Try believing in a God that will protect you from the oh-so-scary homos and leave them alone! Go out & be of service to the many straight single mothers & fathers out there who need your time and money far more than your whining & fighting to stop adults from just trying to have security for their families. Help the children being abused day after day by their heterosexual parents. Help the non-gays who are lonely & suffering. Do something better for your fellow man than trying to stop Betty & Sue from the Poconos from getting married. There are many heterosexuals that need help. Go find them & do something good!


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