Monday, April 6, 2009


So folks I'm not quite sure what happened. I mean at times I've had stints where I felt I had very little to blog about but lately I just can't find any reason to blog about anything. Perhaps I'm tired of seeing myself write about myself. Maybe I'm not in the mood to quantify my experiences as I'm having them for blogging purposes.

What ever the reason, I'm just not feelin' it lately & I don't feel bad about my lack of desire to blog.

A couple years ago I used to aspire to have a popular weblog. I wanted to make money, be friends with Perez Hilton, & have thousands of hits per day & of course many adoring fans. Eventually a book deal would follow & I would be hobnobbing with the blogging elite & even get laid by hotties of various gender expressions.

Then one day I decided abandon blogging for fame. Then I quit blogging from a mostly political perspective. Then I changed my blog web address & name. And now, well, I just don't even know.

So fans, readers, friends, nay sayers, if I can come up with something I feel a need to blog about I will. But generally these days my main focus is getting my ass back to college, having a groovy marriage & staying true the woman I'm meant to be.

Peace out.

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