Sunday, July 19, 2009

Why Are You Not Blogging Anymore?

I get this question a lot lately. Usually my answer is there is no time as I'm busy with trying to keep up with house work, a relationship and getting my arse back to school. That answer is only partly true though.

I guess I'd say my percentage of self importance has gone down a few points in the last several months. Do I really need to tell people about my various & sundry thoughts? Is anyone reading said thoughts anyway? Facebook has, like many others, sucked me in. Yes apparently I am a follower & and am slowly scooting my way towards the great technological slaughter that is social media applications. So with FB & Twitter & YouTube or as Conan O'Brian called all of it YouTwitFace, why bother blogging anymore. It feels antiquated & pedantic at this point. Perhaps this feeling is part of the process. That a pairing down of thoughts to a few catchy characters on web page that our cherished ones rely on for updates is better than reading the random diatribes of that one crazy cousin or a socially inept childhood friend.

Keeping with the truth here I have to also mention that on FB I have an immediate audience. I post a little something something & boom... within minutes I get thumbs up and comments. Meaning I get immediate attention. And yes the old character defect of attention seeking remains in this more spiritually integrated body & mind. More importantly I get attention from people I actually like. Generally I don't have to worry about comments from some anonymous mean person hiding behind the e-curtain just waiting to take my words & my liberal ass down a peg. Worse than that though is that on FB I know someone there sees what I have to say & even if I don't always get the attention that drives a woman like me, I know they know that I am alive. Here on my blog I could write the most brilliant insights, share the best recipes, invoke an old, evil Scottish entity and no one would know. And by gosh my genius must be acknowledged!

Tongue & cheek aside a break has been needed. What will happen to Frank is beyond my knowing in the moment. Today I redesigned the look & that may bring new vigor to my blogging. I just don't know what to say on here anymore. Politics are so very draining and my blogging past is that of a mainly political blogger. My very life I could share here, but who cares? I'm just not that interesting (even if I'd like to think so). What else is there? News? Well that just goes back to politics. Okay maybe recipes or photos or spiritual insights or jokes or all of the above? But again who cares?

For now I guess I'll just take this blog one post at a time and see if some kind of agenda or theme comes. Until then feel free to find me on Facebook. Just look for Fransky.

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