Monday, December 7, 2009

A Post. Unbelievable!

Well it's been a while for sure. Facebook has been in part to blame I suppose, but also I have changed and with that why I wanted to blog when I was in fact still blogging. Still with me? Good because that sentence confused me. Anyway here I am.

For a bit I've been contemplating getting rid of this blog all together. Here are the following reasons:
  1. Blogging is so passe these days with Twitter & Facebook. Who the hell has time to read a full on blog posts complete with fully realized thoughts, points, research & arguments anyway (and I'm not talking about blogs like Cute Overload & such).
  2. I'm not that important. What I have to say is really only exciting to me, so why bother putting my thoughts, pics, hopes out there when it doesn't really serve a purpose that I can identify in the moment.
  3. My ego doesn't need people to read my blog anymore. I used to try to get readers from commenting on other blogs & such so more people would think I'm awesome. Now I hardly ever read other peoples blogs (especially political ones) so I don't comment & I think I'm awesome without needing outside opinions.

Here are the reasons I want to keep this blog going:

  1. It's good for me to keep up some kind of writing practice, even if it's not my best stuff.
  2. Since probably no one is reading this blog anyway I can be freer concerning point #1.
  3. I'm sure I'm not the only one getting sick of Tweeting & Facebooking and sometimes it's nice to read or see something on the net that is...well not Facebook or Twitter. Perhaps I can provide that.

For now I'm leaning towards keeping the blog & seeing what happens. In the meantime enjoy these pointless videos!

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