Tuesday, May 18, 2010

An Education

Being back at school has been almost indescribable. It's not easy to go to college at any age, but especially at 35 it's no picnic. If you're like me, there is constant concern about grades, balancing study time with family time and of course the most important issue: what outfit to wear each day. How worth it the stress can be when you know your doing your best and it shows.

What I'm in school for has less to do with just getting good grades so I can live some perceived American dream. I'm there to learn more about myself, my fellow citizens and life itself.

My Spanish class for instance is a challenge to say the least. It's a six credit whopper of a class and though I'm not the worst student, I'm not the best either (even though I want to be. Quiero estar.) Yet beyond verbs, grammar and conjugations I'm learning what a beautiful language Spanish is. It's inherently lyrical which explains a lot of the peoples and cultures of Spanish speaking people. And of course now with the AZ bill (SB 1070) it feels revolutionary to learn Spanish.

Film class is also amazing. I've always loved the cinema deeply and too boot come from a movie family as my grandpa worked in that industry. This term I've watched films I would have never chosen but have altered my judgements and deepened my appreciation for the creativity that goes into every scene in a film. Film class has also confirmed my understanding of the relationship between art and life & how necessary it is to nurture such a relationship. Concepts of redemption, hope, renewal, trust, love and awakening are the bread of life and almost all movies touch upon these life aspects.

Here are a couple quotes from my film professor that I find spiritually rich in terms of film and more importantly life...

"It's only impossible until someone does it."
"Judgement is useful if that's where you start. It's not useful if that's where you end."


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