Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Imagination and Belief and My Friend Rand Paul

"This is what makes the tea-party movement un-conservative. It is dealing with the world as it would like it to be, not as it is."
-Andrew Sullivan

Oh Rand Paul. I'm so glad you visited one of my favorite lesbians Rachel Maddow. How could you resist her wit, commitment to stark questioning and of course... her hair! I suppose you didn't realize your appearance on her show would blow up in your face like a drag queen who hasn't had oral in a month or like a BP oil spill. Here is a reminder of your "interesting" remarks.

My favorite part on the video was not your constant inability to actually answer Rachel's questions or how you kept repeating that government institutions shouldn't be racist, like parrot. No my favorite part was calling the discussion about the 1964 Civil Rights Act "an abstract, obscure conversation." If people (especially those in privileged positions like...ummm...straight white males) would just "act right" and not be bigots everything would be hunky dory and I would actually agree with you on that part of the Civil Rights Act. However many folks even today can barely tolerate people who seem to have different characteristics then themselves and would happily segregate(or shoot) the first brown or gay or trans or female person that stepped foot on their premises.

In the real America that we live in, the one built upon the backs of the marginalized, in concern to bigotry and Jim Crow, we must have a law that requires "private" business owners to serve its consumers. I mean if we actually want to get abstract we could say that since capitalism is the American way, then it would be downright un-American to not serve those who wish to buy. We could also say that since the USA was taken from the Native peoples, the only real "privately owned" business's would be ones owned by the indigenous.

Rand, if I may call you that, you and your tea-party pals are kind of adorable really. You all remind me of sour teenagers who can't understand why they have to do chores or babysit their siblings or help grandma find her dentures. Like many adolescents you have not yet figured out that indeed the world can be unfair and that real work has to be tended to in order to make life a little more pleasant. I'll admit Rand, you've got a heck of an imagination. However I've got a little experience I'd like to share and that is when it comes to hoping people will magically "do the right thing" it's usually better to go and try to actually do it yourself.

Your friend-

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Dot said...

Wow. He was like a parrot... I can't believe KY voted for him in the primaries. Wait... I can't believe KY thinks enough of him to vote for him. I pity the south.