Monday, May 3, 2010

I've Had It

Just when I thought my days of blogging were over here I am back at Frank, needing a giant overdue break from my other e-friend Facebook. I don't think I'm breaking up with FB yet. There are still good times ahead, but it's time to have some boundaries with this fascinating friend, because I think it make otherwise make me crazy.

As many folks have learned FB can be a great connector. Cousins you haven't spoken to for years suddenly pop up daily on your homepage. Friends from high school that you thought about occasionally over the years are now updating you and what their kids favorite cereal is. It's a lovely thing. But there is a duller, sadder and even down right dirtier side to Facebook that can creep into one's psyche with the skill of a con artist.

A recent example would be this whole Arizona immigration bill and the firestorm its brewing has hit the FB interwebs like a gulf oil slick. Now I expected for someone on my friends list to have a different opinion than mine. I welcome a multitude of thoughts (as long as they are thought out & folks don't talk out of their asses). However I didn't expect folks whom I hardly know to say some of the things they did. What was said & by whom doesn't matter as much as how it affected me, which was deeply & unnecessarily. Why? The last few months have been stressful and it's a bit easier to penetrate my consciousness when my mental immunity is low.

Then came the Gulf oil spill and this time instead of zealots braying it was the always in fashion privileged-well meaning-liberals that went on attack. And I've got to admit, maybe because I'm on only child, but I really don't like people in the first place, so allowing myself to endure their inability to focus on a singular topic was, well, kinda dumb. Now don't get me wrong, I love people and am a fighter for all people's freedom, but still I just don't want to have to listen to every thought that comes through another person's head, which FB allows folks to do without restraint.

It's been one of those weeks for me & really all of April kind of sucked. Yes I'm grateful for the many miracles I can't always see but experience daily. That being said MY WEEK SUCKED! I know there are many lessons to be learned from it, you know, real growth opportunities, but IT SUCKED! However I'm not living under a tent in Haiti, so yeah, it's all good.

Lately I've been feeling like getting back to blogging and now that it's hardly relevant (unless you blog for something that has a large web presence) I feel I can pretty much say what I want because no one will be reading. I think my blog is linked to Facebook which I'll wait & see if that's a crappy idea or not (I'm guessing it is).

Anyway I need a damn break from FB. I need a break from the news. I need a break from feeling frustrated with the political opinions of anyone & everyone. My cat Bebes agrees. So I'm going to focus on blogging this month or at least that's my intention which may fall flat on it's sexy brown ass. There are some recipes I want to share soon and update the blog on my medical situations. Ta ta for now. May we all have some damn peace!

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