Thursday, May 20, 2010

Music of the Tribe

Personally I believe the track Award Tour by Tribe Called Quest to be one of the best produced in hip hop. Though the cuss words have cut I think one can get the gist of this tight song. When I listen to Award Tour I feel brought to some global gathering where everyone is mellow and having fun.

Stressed Out is a perfect song to listen to when having a hard time. I dedicate this song to my sisters & brothers in Arizona who will be/have been profiled because they "appear illegal."

This was the very first Tribe song I ever heard. I was at a party during my high school sophomore or junior year. I remember thinking Bonita Applebaum sounding unlike anything I'd ever heard before. It was rap but it was slow. Unlike De la Soul jams this song didn't have a hippy element or a subdued anger. This song was just a song to grove to and nothing more. Bonita Applebaum gave an introduction to the power of hip hop and the creativity and redemption that it can lead to.

A Tribe Called Quest. If you are new to the group check out their album entitled The Anthology. It's a compilation and there is not one bad song on it.

What I love about Tribe is that their music is afro-centric, jazzy, silly and deep all at the same time. Yes they have political messages but the greater landscape of their music is about inherent human experience, which gives the listener more than just some enjoyable music, but a place to connect to themselves and others at the root level. Today I am most grateful for the music of the Tribe!

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