Monday, June 14, 2010


This is not to brag or self congratulate. I'm simply sharing this because someone may come along and know that it's possible to be an older student and find some success. All my grades are in and for my 1st term back to school in five years and my 1st full time term ever... I got all A's. What this implies is that my decision for finally "go for it" take the leap to become who I'm meant to be was right. This is a signal that I'm on the road to a life that is truer and more fulfilling.

There is some serious gratitude in my heart today. I'm so glad my spouse supported my decision and cheered me on even when I felt frustrated or had to break plans to study. I'm grateful to my friends who allowed me to be scarce this term so I could get my bearings with a new schedule and lifestyle. I'm grateful to have a mom who showed me years ago that one is never too old to succeed in college. Most of all I'm grateful for 12 step recovery. The steps & principals continue to teach me that being true to my self is the only thing I need to aim for. That serenity is job #1 so even when times get hard, even in the face of finals, tests and papers due; relaxing and taking time to find peace is key to success on the inside.

The fact that I was in the hospital in the midst of this term and still did well speaks not to my resilience per se but to the amazing support I have in my life. The love I feel is grand, yet I must remember that there is a long road ahead and that regardless of grades or anything, my life is about being of maximum service while enjoying maximum serenity.

This week I have orientation at PSU and begin to prepare for my transition from community college to university life. It's a little scary but knowing there are older students like me there and that no matter what I'll be okay helps. Big hugs to all of you!

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