Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Goodbye Sydney

We had to put our beloved teacup chihuahua Sydney down in at 12:30am today. The whole time the veterinarian was injecting her I had the theme to the TV show Golden Girls in my head. Sydney was my friend. She really was. We had a relationship that was all our own and I know it may seem silly, but I know she loved me as I loved her. My spouse had Syd for 15 and a half years. That's a good long time & Syd had a good long life. Though I only got to love her for almost 4 years I'm so very grateful to have known this amazing dog.

We went to Dove Lewis and they put us in a very soothing room and the staff were just lovely. I highly recommend them if you have to go somewhere for such a service. We had Sydney in Mycal's arms while I petted Syd's nose with my finger (her favorite thing) and within moments she was gone. We were told it was painless and it seemed so. There was a lightness to her and she was simply gone. Her shell was with us, but dear Sydney had left the building.

Syd's sister Lucy seems distraught but okay. They had been together in the womb and in life. Bebes the cat is sulking too. Losing a pet is so painful and yet there is much relief because now Sydney is no longer in pain. That matters most.

I'm posting the burial photos. If you're offended please don't scroll any further, especially to the bottom where I am posting one of Sydney in her resting place. Our family is okay & though sad, were grateful for our time with such a wonderful spirit. Sydney we miss & love you!!!!

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Dot said...

I had my cat for almost 19 years when I had to put her down. Hardest thing I've ever had to do. I know how you felt about the Golden Girls theme, though it didn't run through my head... I was trying to be strong for her and not freak her out by crying my eyes out. *hugs* to both of you and your other animals. It's a hard transition for everyone. If you want/need to chat, I'm around.