Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Me and Mycal's Sexual Alter Ego's in Video Form

This may come as a suprise but my spouse & I kind of have alter ego's. I mean we don't walk around acting like other people or anything but as lovers we have those sides that are only seen by folks your sexual with. Mycal & I both tend to try to be smooth with the ladies but we have different takes. I think the videos presented will give a pretty good idea of our unseen sides. Enjoy!



As you can see we both are a bit cheesy yet old school in certain ways. That's why we have so much fun! After viewing these two videos it makes me wonder what it would look like if Snoop Dogg & Robin Thicke had sex. I'm not sure if I'm scared or turned on! Peace.

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LoneWolf said...

Yes!! Too hot!! I'm not sure that the world could handle what would happen if Snoop and Thicke collided sexually, but I'm sure it would be epic! :D