Saturday, June 5, 2010

Of Oily Birds and Big Hair

Last night or should I say early this morning, I wrote a slightly depressing post about the Gulf oil catastrophe. After, I sat looking at those damn oily birds sobbing and feeling lost. This morning there was nothing left to do but try out a new hairstyle. I mean feeling bad can only get one go far and after seeing this, and after seeing it suggested in Glamour magazine a few days ago I knew what I had to do.

In the Glamour article entitled "Eight easy and glam ideas for your hair" the first suggestion was a way up-do of sorts only very casual but very high upon the head. Well I love it! This is one of those -doing something not to attraction of a hotty but for the fun of it- moments. All hail the high hair!

Anywho the point I'm trying to make is that the diaster in the gulf sucks, but it's important to take time to make ourselves happy in lovely non-oily ways too. For those of you who have no real interest in fashion or beauty look away now. For the rest of you I must say I'm so in love with the blog The Sartorialist. It's a book now too which you can purchase at Powell's. It's like the Cute Overload of street fashion. Love love love! Check it out when your blue and have your faith in non-schleppy humanity restored!

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