Friday, June 18, 2010

The Solution to Having Theives Think Your a Clean Person

My spouse and I were tooling around Regretsy last night and came upon this. Yes is a real product you can buy from Sears.

I asked Mycal last night if she had any commentary about this product. She thinks it's really smart and a good idea because she thought no thief would mess around looking for hidden treasure in dirty drawers. I however am not convinced. First off I like a clean house. Wouldn't even a thief find it odd that in the midst of a clean home there is a pair of dirty man panties just laying around? Okay so you put the "dirty" underwear in the laundry. Then buglers may still mess with the laundry and then you not only lost your treasure but your laundry was messed with too. Also considering my spouse & I are monogamous we'd have no reason to have some funky dudes gross ass crusty appearing underwear in our house.

So I'm not so sure this is the best product out there for resolving home theft but it is really great for those who want to seem dirty to those burglarizing you. Mycal suggests for the the ladies a "Time of the Month" stained underwear. Indeed!

Speaking of clean underwear... a little comedy by Tyler Craig


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Dot said...

Do they have a boxer option available? I think thieves would find it odd that there's one pair of tighty whiteys amidst all the boxers. haha!

But I do love Mycal's ladies undies idea... maybe you should pitch the idea to Sears...? haha!