Saturday, June 5, 2010

We All are Responsible for This Mess in the Gulf

What is the day today? Saturday and day 45 of the Gulf oil mess (I'm not calling it a spill because a mere spill this is not) I think. Everyone is mad and whining and wanting to blame. Folks want to blame Obama saying he has not acted quickly enough or is doing enough. Others want to blame BP (British Petroleum) because they were the ones drilling. Some Blame Halliburton and then there are those who wish to burn the ass of Minerals Management. Here's the thing though, when was the last time you drove a car? Or maybe bought an item that was brought to your local store by plane, boat, vehicle or all of the above? When did you last eat meat from an animal that was fed fertilized grains? Or soy that was grown with fertilizer? What fabrics are in your clothes? Are you living today in a way that has in some way condoned drilling for oil? I know I have to answer yes, even though I don't like it.

Our haste to blame others over the lack of protections for the creatures, waters and land due to oil drilling is dishonest. Last week I ate a soyrizo burrito. The tortillas came in a plastic bag, as did the soyrizo. The veggies and soy were probably grown with pesticides and fertilizers made in part from petroleum. I can be pretty sure all the ingredients were trucked in from other places to the food cart I ate the burrito at as well. No I may not have strangled a brown pelican personally, but while I was eating that burrito I certainly didn't give a shit.

Are we killing this planet? I don't know. I do believe that we humans and especially selfish North Americans are not doing right by the earth or ourselves. This oil mess is a bottom (I hope) for our addiction to oil. Just like any addict we have to face the fact that we have a problem and take real action to make life better. This photo alone makes me realize how very sick we are:

Yes this is overwhelming but we must face what we are and what we have been doing, which is illustrated by what we pay attention to and why. We didn't think deeply about the long term consequences. Yes we have spoken of the need for clean energy to our loved ones while drinking from a plastic water bottle on an airplane. We have read books on the environment while getting a new cell phone every year. Perhaps that's the real problem, we did think deeply but we didn't act. Whose to blame. Like the movie title said... Me and You and Everyone We Know.

So now what. Honestly I don't know. But I'm going to find out. I'm going to commit to taking action to rely less on oil. I'm going to read and talk to people and do, you know, stuff. It's time for awareness, acceptance and action in terms of not just this horrible mess but everything in my life that is touched by oil.

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