Thursday, July 1, 2010

Can I Get a What What?

Fran's kernel of wisdom for 7/1/2010
"One good thing about skinheads is at least they pull their pants up."

Pink eye was trying to spread from my left eye to my right. The nurse said it was this (fucking) flu trying to work its way out via my eyeball. Nice! My lover & spouse thought I ought to give sliced potato a try & lo & behold it does help, in addition to the warmth of constant warm eye compresses & honey. BTW honey in the eye stings like a son-of-a-gun. So thus far the pink eye is fading from my left eye & barely noticeable in my right. Then this morning more fun...

Our other dog Lucy is sick like Sydney was. No amount of puppy porn (that is looking at cute adoptable dogs on the web) will save us from the pain of losing both dogs but Mycal & I keep wanting to do it to avoid further heartbreak. Lucy had blood in her soupy poo this morning & is letting us pet her with wild abandon- a primary signal something is wrong. We hope to get her into the vet tomorrow because I have to see the doctor today as it's day 9 of this shitty fucking flu.

Yes I know life is not fair & also that I'm not a 9 year old virgin in India about to be brutalized for money. I'm so grateful for my life. So here's the tp 5 things I'm grateful for in the moment:
1. Sobriety
2. Looking this hot at 35
3. The Shitbox Serenade death scene from the film Friday the 13th Part 5. "This shitbox is gross!" I'll try to find a way to upload this fab moment.
4. My family
5. This guy dancing!

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Zee said...

Oh my gosh! You have had quite a rough couple weeks. So sorry about Lucy - hope things are getting better on that front. Thinking about you and sending love your way!