Thursday, July 8, 2010

She Moves On

I know the reason I feel so blessed. My heart still splashes inside my chest. But she, she's like a top. She cannot stop. She moves on.
Paul Simon from the song She Moves On.

Today we went from looking at puppy porn to actually looking at, touching and falling in love with chihuahuas. We started our adventure by fueling up on yummy espresso drinks from Floyds and then went to the Pixie Project in search of Odie a dog we saw on their website. He was cute and definitely had the chihuahua sass but we didn't connect very much, though he liked Mycals neck a lot. While we had waited to meet Odie we met Barry a chihuahua/papillion that I feel for. He was sweet and gave me a nice dog kiss. Again though the connection was good but could have been even better (though I'm still thinking of him).

Soon we were off to the Multnomah County Animal Services in Troutdale. We had a scheduled meeting with a foster dog named Angel and her canine friend Trixy. While we waited for the foster mom to arrive we hung out with a 14 pound chihuahua named Rudy. He was so playful but liked to love bite a bit too much and pooped on the floor while staring at us. Not the best introduction. Angel arrived in a kennel with Trixy and she had this incredibly sweet face and eyes that looked right into me. She was shy as hell but I could tell wanted to connect somehow. Eventually my spouse & I had some private time with this little 7 pound chihuahua/dachshund. We fell in love. She was the most gentle little thing and was so shy. But when the vet came to look at her legs and hips, Angel hid under Mycals arms and let herself be protected. She laid down in my lap and Mycals & I would look at her, then each other, then her and so on.

I know this may seem too soon. Lucy hasn't even been in the ground for a week and here we are ready to take home another baby. It does hurt still so much that Syd & Lucy are gone. There are still tears & my guess is there will be for a while. They were unique and can't be replaced. Is there a hole? You bet. But we knew if there was no right connection, we were not ready and would be okay with that. We are animal people. It's just how it is and we are at peace with falling in love with the darn sweetest dog. Yes we're moving on but not away. We take the memories of Lucy and Sydney with us to the future.

Angel does have one caveat. She may have hip displasia. She gets x-rays tomorrow and if she needs surgery we simply can't afford it. The county may pay for it, but she would be a special needs dog and have an anti-inflammation diet along with supplements. That last part is fine, we just can't pay for surgery that major. So we'll see. I've learned it is not a great idea to pray for one result or another because sometimes my wants don't match my needs. Tonight I simply pray that Angel, my spouse & I sleep well and be open to what tomorrow may bring.

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