Monday, July 5, 2010

She's Gone

"Oh friend you've left me speechless." From the song Speechless by Lady Gaga

Lucy is gone. She died around 5pm this afternoon. The house feels so different without our girls. We buried her on the other side of the baby tree in our front yard.

It was odd because we took her to Dove Lewis and we all sat on the couch and miss Lucy was staring into my eyes & suddenly she started going into a seizure. Before that we were a little worried we were there too soon because Lucy was still fairly alert, just not eating or drinking or able to use her back legs anymore. Her seizing was awful to watch but let us know it was definitely time.

I really am speechless. So for now I'll let a few photos do the talking. There is one on the bottom of her in her grave so be aware if you're uncomfortable with that.
I miss her so much. As I've said many times in Lucy I'd never seen a creature so small take up so much psychic space. We love you baby!

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