Friday, July 23, 2010

Stressed is Desserts Backwards

Today I'm a bit anxious.  It's been one of those kind of summers.  You know how just lots of little things go wrong and you maintain calmness until... you have a freak out & want to tell random juvenile young men that they have moldy dick holes.  There's no need to go into pity party type details about the random annoyances in my little life.  Stuff happens and I am so grateful for the ability to know that.  But I just need to take a moment to say:

awwwww fuck!!!!!!!!

There.  That's better! 
So I'd now like to present a few things that bring me joy.  Here we go:
-My spouse
-Not being homeless/starving or missing limbs
-This girls style.
And finally that Portland has the best street food in the friggin' world. Which includes good late night waffles from Stevie's.

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