Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Touched by an Angel

"You are my angel.  Come from way above.  To bring me love." From the song Angel by Massive Attack

Angel has been with us a whole five days.  Thus far she is the light of my life.  This doesn't mean she's perfect.  Oh she's got that chihuahua sass with that Dachshund toughness.  So she's doing well with training but we still have a couple challenges.  That being said Angel is simply amazing.  As I write this post she is on my lap sleeping. 
Our family is still grieving Lucy & Sydney.  Angel is no replacer.  She has helped make things brighter and keep us on track though.  We get up earlier, get more exercise and have to be even more confident that the world is an okay place because of her.  I feel more than ever like a wife because I basically get everyone's day started & don't tell anyone this but... I love it!  She has also made us more social because we go to the dog park twice a day and meet other dogs lovers and we get to chat with them a lot.
Right now were using Cesar Millan methods for training and I have to say it's really going well.  She comes when we call her.  Walks obediently and is getting more confident with humans every day.  Folks keep commenting on how incredibly well she's doing for being only a few days in "the pack" of our family.  Indeed she is loved and my hope is that we can be as good for her as she is for us.  More later.

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Dot said...

SO glad that Angel has brought you some much needed peace. :) I would love to meet her... and I'm sure my one-eyed kitty would love to play with her (he likes dogs... and he plays fetch)! hehe... *hugs* to you both!