Saturday, March 12, 2011

Three Songs in Honor of Three Years

Tomorrow is Mycal and my three year wedding anniversary. In honor of these last three years I'd like to share three songs that have been significant to me in our relationship.

Nite and Day by Al B. Sure
I'm pretty sure this has to be the most sexy yet completely cheesy songs (and video) of the eighties. Needless to say, such attributes makes Nite and Day one of my favorite songs ever. For years I'd listen to this song while imagining giving someone some self confident sultry pole dance (don't ask). Despite the pure mono-browed greazy hotness of this jam I never dated anyone who even revered or even remembered it.

One night in the first few weeks of dating, Mycal and I were hanging out at her apartment. She asked to play a few songs for me from her vinyl collection. Since I love being wooed by music I said I'd love it. She slapped a record on and played a jam that I at first couldn't believe I was hearing. The synthy toots combined with an enthusiastic "woo!" captured all of my attention and I swear my hair swelled into some eighties styled configuration. Nite and Day with all its glorious arousal provoking power was being played... on vinyl... by a hot girl... holy crap!

Honestly at that moment I had what the kids refer to as an eargasm and all I could do was sit on the couch with an expression of shock, awe and delight while blood began to rush to my nether regions. It was at that moment I knew when it came to this new hot woman I was dating, I had met my match.

You are the Best Thing by Ray Lamontagne
For not being a straight couple we have chosen one of the most popular, in recent memory, wedding songs to be our song. Or maybe I should say the song chose us. One night, before the whole Jay Leno/Conan O'Brien debacle we we watching the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. I had already been a fan of Ray Lamontagne and was excited to hear his latest debut on the show.

Good ol' shy Ray came on stage and the next thing I knew we got aurally slapped with a tremendous wallop of horns. It was clear this song had a back-in-the-day feel with an up tempo celebratory feel. Then Ray began to croon "Baby, it's been a long day." He sung about how he needed his love but not in that weird, squishy way. Instead with triumph he sang "You are the best thing... that ever happened to me."

My wife and I looked at each other and I said "I think this is our song" and she nodded yes. See we hadn't really organically found our song yet and we might have made a more cerebral approach at having one prior to that night, but because we had had so many special songs (as two music lovers will) we couldn't decide on one. This song came lovingly blaring out of our television with the right words, melody and spirit to capture the feeling of our love.

Half-Breed by Cher

I know what you're thinking. You don't have to tell me how damn bizarre it is that we love this song so much. In our first year together this lovely little gem of a song came up when we were telling each other stories about our childhoods. To be honest I have no clue who brought up the song or why. All I know is once we started talking about is Mycal started going through her vinyl looking for the song. I think she found it on a compilation and we agreed the song was totally awesome and friggin' ridiculous.

For the rest of the day and months that song was somehow incorporated into just about conversation or event. Mycal would say "I want a sandwich" and I'd respond "Sand-wich... is all I ever heard. Sand-wich how I loathe to hear the word." The fact that both of us have indigenous and European ancestors made the whole white/Indian that much for funny because of its resonance and salty taboo aftertaste.

One day Mycal came home with a present for me. I closed my eyes, opened my hands and it was my very own vinyl copy of Cher scantily clad in breastplate, jockstrap looking bottoms and a feather headdress. The sheer offensiveness combined with hotness on that cover... man... that was just too much. I almost started crying because I knew I had never had a partner before who would give me such an endearing yet completely shit-tastic present. Mycal and I got each other. We understood one another in so many ways and Half-Breed demonstrated that.

So here's to three years married to my partner in crime and only person in the world who really gets me. Our bond incorporates wackiness, fun and mutual care. We tell the truth and we remain open, even on the days when life's woes feel overwhelming.

This week I changed my last name legally to incorporate her last name and I couldn't be more proud to tell the world how very lucky I am to be her missus.

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