Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ciao Bella!

This is my last post in this e-space.  I've been a blogger and have used the platform Blogger for a long time.  But things change.  It's time for more observation and reflection and less politics.  My original sub-title for Frank was "tellin' it like it is."  I'm glad I spoke up when I did, but I see now how divisive my words were at times.  I used to think I belonged to the "good" group, the "aware" group.  I see now that I had some awareness, but separated myself from many...all in the name of peace and making things "better."  Better is subjective and life is simply a journey.

I am very grateful to regular readers here.  Having a platform to have my thoughts read on the screen by friends and supporters of this blog means more than I can say.  Frank has been a wonderful e-space to grow and write.

If anyone wishes to stay connected, please find me at my new blog This is the Moment.  Also I'm on Twitter but I really am only on there when there's bad weather or major happenings in my town.  I deleted my Facebook account so I apologize to anyone who may have thought I "unfriended" them.

The last thing I'll say is that here on Frank I allowed myself at times to be vulnerable, even in this "wild west" of a world called the internet.  Frank has allowed me a chance to find courage in words if not always deeds. I think the most brave and even political act is to be imperfect and allow others that same beauty.  Until later y'all!


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